What Works?

Teaching people with dyslexia to read requires the correct approach to help overcome their challenges. Orton–Gillingham is a teaching approach specifically designed to help struggling readers by explicitly and systematically teaching the connections between letters and sounds. The approach pioneered the multi-sensory approach to reading. This structured literacy approach introduced the concept of breaking reading and spelling into smaller skills involving letters and sounds and then building on these skills over time. Orton Gillingham was also a pioneer in multi-sensory approach to teaching reading. This is a common approach to teaching reading and means that teachers use sight, touch, hearing and movement to help students make the connection between phonemes (letters) and sounds. Orton Gillingham is a proven approach to teach people with dyslexia. 


Orton Gillingham focuses on reading at the word level. Reading comprehension is not the primary goal. Orton Gillingham uses a variety of pathways to help people with dyslexia learn. It puts a very strong emphasis on understanding the whys and hows of reading. The Orton Gillingham Plus has been well researched and can be beneficial for students with dyslexia because of the emphasis it places on individualized, structured learning. ... This individualized approach is especially effective for dyslexic students because dyslexia presents differently in each child. Dyslexia Success Reading Tutoring Montgomery County offers 1:1 tutoring sessions for people of all ages.