Safety Protocol and Work Environment in Person:

All Dyslexic Success Reading Tutoring Montgomery County tutors have all been vaccinated against Covid-19 and will provide proof of vaccination at the first visit upon request.  When providing in-person services, the family will provide a quiet work space that has been wiped down with antibacterial wipes or product and allows the student and the tutor to be 6 feet apart. Tutors will begin with hand sanitizer for themselves and the student. Each person will be masked at all times unless they are working on phonological awareness skills.


It is requested that the student is provided with a quiet, distraction free work space (no TV, siblings, distracting pets, parents in close proximity, etc.) in which to receive their multi-sensory 1:1 tutoring session. If the student does well with a kinesthetic approach to learning, the tutor may request access to a paved area to work when the weather is suitable. 


If a family is unable to provide an appropriate environment, tutoring can take place at a public library. 


Distance Tutoring:

Dyslexic Success Reading Tutoring Montgomery County provides distance tutoring sessions to any person anywhere via the Zoom environment. The student will be required to have a document camera (under $60 on Amazon) to engage fully in the lesson and will be provided with their multisensory tool kit that will either be delivered (Montgomery County Area) or mailed for a fee of $20.